Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds Review

Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds image 1Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds, What’s better than a great night’s sleep? Not much hey! We offer your dog exactly that. In response to body heat and pressure our premium bed moulds to your dog’s body evenly distributing their body weight, returning to its original shape once your dog leaves.

What Is Memory Foam?
Designed in the mid-60’s by NASA for airplane seats, it is made from viscoelastic. Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds is highly energy absorbent, soft and extremely comfortable. There are differing grades of memory foam, each providing differing levels of comfort.

Benefits of Memory Foam?
Premium Plush Orthopedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Beds improves sleep. It relieves painful pressure points. Elderly dogs and dogs with arthritis and other joint concerns need thick, supportive beds. They should provide plenty of push back rather than sinking when the dog lies down. For dogs prone to bladder leakage our beds are perfect as they’re waterproof and fully machine washable.

Is your dog suited to The Dog’s Bed – Memory Foam?
All dogs have different sleeping styles. Before you purchase a dog bed, observe your dog in his napping position. For dogs that are kind to their sleeping quarters memory foam is worth the extra cost. In terms of maximum support, tests have found that memory foam offers the highest level of support and comfort. If your dog is a chewer and you want the luxury of memory foam for your dog then rest assured we stock replacement covers for accidents:) Dogs that are hard core ‘nesters’ prefer a plush style bed style.

If your dog seems to like to use a pillow for his head he might like a bolster bed. A bolster bed can also be a good option for a dog that likes to lie on his side, as long as it’s big enough. Dogs who flop down and spread out also love our memory foam bed. And of course all lazy dogs too – and why not?

Really happy with this dog bed we got for our Springer. Have been looking for a bed that gives is thicker and more supportive than those you can buy in the shops for putting on a cold floor and this one fits the bill. It’s easily wiped clean plenty of thickness should last along time excellent quality does not lose shape either, we have brought two one for our home and one for our motorhome it sits perfectly between the two lounge seats.

Bought this dog bed having done some research of others and reading reviews, also checked some details with the selling company. The foam: This is a solid foam base section with thinner (solid, not egg box) memory foam top section glued on to base foam. On delivery, you need to allow several hours for the foam to ‘spring back’ into shape. Having measured mine, the memory foam failed to reach the described depth.

The Dog’s Bed is really sturdy. The 15cm foam does take about 3 hours to fully expand once you have unrolled it from its packing (just like when you buy a memory foam mattress from IKEA that comes rolled up and compressed) so don’t let your dog get on it yet – keep it out of sight. Yes, it does make you think the mattress cover is too big for the mattress when compressed but give it time. Ours is the full 15cm (9cm when first unrolled).

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  • Extra Large 117 x 71 x 15cm (Grey Faux Fur top with Suede sides) waterproof protective inner & durable hypoallergenic Oxford fabric. 10cm base, high stability premium foam and 5cm of premium grade, high density, extremely comfortable, high-care, orthopedic memory foam
  • A waterproof removable and washable inner protects The Dog’s Bed from accidents and incontinent issues. Wash cover & inner seperately with the zipper closed, preferably by hand or on a gentle wash cycle. Fabric resistant to molds, mildews and dust mites – replacement covers available. Can also be used as an outdoors bed
  • Premium grade, high quality, luxury memory foam and support foam, tested by experts to provide your dog with a sleeping experience in line with 5 star hotels whilst providing uniform and contour-balanced support – The Ultimate Dog Bed – Fit for a King or a Queen:)
  • Excellent medical grade orthopedic support for older dogs providing therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia, arthritis and aching joints, contouring perfectly to your dog for maximum comfort and a sound night’s sleep
  • Suitable for all dogs, at any age, particularly those who love to stretch out and laze about offering them probably the world’s most comfortable and luxurious sleeping bed – and quite possibly even more comfortable than your sofa or your bed

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